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About Me

I am Billy and welcome to

I started this website after years of searching for ways to make money online. I want to save you from the hassles and hardships of getting scammed and losing your hard earned money.

I am still trying to get some of it back for the very first time I did anything online. I was promised tons of money overnight with little to no effort. It ended up a pyramid scheme.

Left me feeling there was no chance for me to make money online, EVER!

Starting a business is almost impossible without help, training, and a legitimate place to get all these at.

Where do I get started?

I remember it like it was yesterday, that I was searching and told myself enough was enough. Quit wasting time searching for this stuff and forget about making money from home.

All I want to do is spend more time at home and be able to work from anywhere.

That day I came across Wealthy Affiliate.
And my life is truly changed forever.

It has given me confidence and the knowledge to be able to start an online business. I have no experience in making websites or online business before this opportunity came along. Now I feel like I can do anything online.

Let me help you get started.

I truly hope you find this site before you get scammed from other programs. I am on my way to having more freedom and be able to be with my family for ALL life events.

Visit my profile at Wealthy Affiliate

or contact me at [email protected]