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The Four Percent Group – BOOM or BUST?

If you are struggling with your affiliate marketing business, whether it’s generating leads, not making sales, can’t close sales, you aren’t the only one. 96% of online marketer’s aren’t making much at all. But that can change TODAY.

I know you came here to learn more about the four percent group and to see if you should join or blow it off as another get rich quick scam that won’t deliver what it promises. First, let me explain quickly a little bit about how I discovered internet marketing and this business.

My Quick Affiliate Story

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year and learned so much about building a website, SEO, affiliate marketing and still learning a lot. But one thing was clear and with any business, it takes time. There are so many ways to make money online today. And WA only covered a small portion of

So, I ventured into the world of online marketing…

I was always looking for a legitimate way to earn an income online without having to deal with gimmicks, scams, and over promised (biz ops) that give you a ride for your money and don’t deliver on what they actually promise.

And of course, I was scammed a few times, or was I. Some people say, it’s YOU who failed the system not the system. And maybe some of that is true in my case. But i didn’t have a clear direction and a mentor to teach me.

I didn’t have much luck at first and so I joined program after program. Like the Texas grass fields, my wallet has been left dried from some of them. But failure means that you are learning right? To me anyway, lol.

I finally found an amazing built for you system that my mentor Vick Strizheus developed that literally takes the human component out and allows even a total newbie to get into it and stand out from 96% of struggling marketers and market like the Top Four Percent.

I have LEARNED A LOT and still learning. I’m having fun and I’m meeting a whole bunch of awesome people online. I have found something that is already selling, that I can stand behind, believe in, and that helps people.

Systems Work, People Fail

What Is The Four Percent Group?What Is The Four Percent Group

The Four Percent Group was started by Vick Strizheus, “the traffic guy.” He created a fully automated way to market any business online. It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have, you will be shown step by step how to make money online. Vick gives you all the tools and information to create a recurring monthly income.

It was developed by some of the best developers and programmers that continue to update and improve and make it more newbie and user friendly daily. These are just some of the reasons why some of the best marketers and thousands of new marketers are joining.

Just in the pre launch, over 100 marketers made commissions and most made their very first commission online, because all the telling and selling is done for you. You are given a clear blueprint to follow. It’s almost to easy.

Why would you want a marketing system done for you? For me, it showed me how to market online and drive traffic. It allowed me to learn how to make funnels, sales pages, auto-responders, email marketing, tracking conversions, and I made commissions in my first week. Never have I made $500 in one day online. IT’S CRAZY!

Earning Disclaimer:
Results are not TYPICAL, so don’t be TYPICAL.


The Four Percent Back Office – A Look Inside

What Does The 4% Group Offer:

  • Done for you funnels that promote high quality, high ticket products. All you have to do is copy/paste and drive traffic!! Literally, that is it.
  • You get Operation 100K, a step by step training that will teach you how to make $100k in commissions in 90 days, including traffic, marketing, optimization, scaling…anything else that is required to make money. Vick Strizheus himself shows you how.
  • Access to our Facebook group of over 6,000 members like minded people who help each other take action and rise to the 4% standard.
  • Access to the Journey – weekly webinars with successful entrepreneurs who walk you through exactly what they did to earn 6-8 figure incomes a year online. This show is awesome by the way, so grab popcorn and a pen and pad. I always pick up so many tips. As they say, success leaves clues.
  • 7 income streams and adding more along the way
  • Residual Income
  • So much more…



  1. Perfect for beginners and seasoned marketers.
  2. Multiple streams of income in ONE program.
  3. Step by step instructions on earning money online.
  4. Great products that are high in demand
  5. Access to our 4% Facebook group of 6,000+ like-minded people to help keep you motivated.


  1. There is a monthly fee of 49$. But with 50% commissions it could quickly be free or…take the option to get rid of that monthly payment by going lifetime for 80% off, and still get 50% commissions.
  2. You will need marketing tools like auto responders, funnel builder, conversion tracker. Cheap compared to the value you get.

Four Percent Testimonials

Sharing another milestone in my life…first sale of many in 4%!!! Thank you Vick!!

Mary Frost 4%er

My first 2 sales ever, anything is possible if you have the right mindset. Don’t over-complicate things that are simple. “You become what you think about the most, but you also attract what you think about the most.”

Alexis Toledo 4%er

We’re so EXCITED! And we just can’t hide it! Our first saaaalllllleeee!!! EVER!

Kevin Stone 4%er

What You Will Gain From The 4% Group

You will learn how to become a real online entrepreneur. You will learn about all the tools you need for any business. You are joining this program to only learn how to be an affiliate only, you can take this knowledge and apply to every business.  This type of training is invaluable.

These marketing tools will help grow your business into the cash generating money machine that it should be. The Four Percent Group training will show you how to use these tools. So what are you waiting for? Success waits for no one. Go and get it. You won’t be sorry.

My Humble Opinion

Is the Four Percent Group a Scam, NO it is not. Why? If you look at any online make money at home business, you will usually find a few articles of people yelling scam but that is because they failed to make money with it. And yes, some are scams. Here is where your due diligence comes in and you find blogs like this one and others and read about the product.

See how the business works, the products you are selling, can you contact the owner, is he transparent…Vick has weekly webinars and facebook live video feeds where we discuss upcoming events and changes.

I stand behind this product 100% and will no longer jump from company to company any longer. Watch the video below by clicking on the blue button and spend about 20 minutes while we explain why most marketers fail online and how you can become a profitable online marketer.

If you want RESULTS, this is one of the BEST ways for you to have that break through and start finally earning residual affiliate commissions online. If you have any questions about becoming a four percenter, just ask.

You will learn how to do internet marketing the right way, using a unique marketing system.

Remember if one person can make money online, we all can. Even newbies. You just have to take action and follow the steps until you get to your goal. But don’t just take my word, find out for yourself by clicking below and make an informed decision that will take you one step closer to your future.

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