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What Is TECademics – My Review From Inside?

  • October 10, 2016 /
  • By Billy /

What is tecademicsHey! So you have been seeing ALOT about Tecademics all over social media right? And you want to know what is tecademics, right? Well please keep reading and let me answer that question for you.

If you already know what Tecademics is but you are wanting to know about the compensation plan, just scroll down a bit more.

Tecademics is an Internet Marketing College, launched by CEO Chris Record, it is also known as The Entrepreneurs Club and is perfect for beginners who want to earn while you learn.

It is schedule to launch fully in August 2016, but you can join for free now as an ambassador. Even as a free member there is great training for you to implement right away. Is has 2 levels, the products and the affiliate program. Lets dive in.

Who Is Chris Record?

He is a social media marketing coach, real estate investor, direct sales trainer and public speaker. If you have watched any of his videos or training, you know he knows his s**t and is a great motivational speaker as well.

Chris has made millions online and is passing that info down to all with his new program.

Watch my YouTube video for Tecademics below:

Tecademics Product Courses


  • Free training to use immediately and more being added.

TEC-Monthly Subscription – $100/month

  • TEC T.V. – Weekly broadcast where top earners share tips, ideas, traffic strategies and more
  • TECForum – Discussions, bonus training sessions and more

IMPACT – Internet Marketing Principals and Core Training – $2000

  • Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing concept
  • 12 steps to starting and profiting in your internet business
  • IMPACT Forum

MASTERS Tuition – $10,000 – 2 year course

  • College of Internet Marketing for 2 people
  • 120 credit hours
  • Pre and post test for learning
  • 2nd year you can audit the first year courses or retake for free.

ELITE – $12,000

  • All packages

=>UPDATE! TEC E-Commerce Package<=

INCUBATOR – $25,000

  • 25 day course M-F
  • 6 figure e-commerce adviser assigned to you, helping you build your store.
  • Good for 2 people
  • You will build a full e-commerce store from A-Z
  • Guarantee $12,500 in sales or your money back

Tecademics Affiliate Program

  1. TEC – $40 Commissions every month
  2. IMPACT – $800 Commissions
  3. MASTERS – $4,000 Commissions
  4. ELITE – $4,800 Commissions
  5. INCUBATOR – $10,000 Commissions

Tecademics Compensation Plan

As A Free Ambassador

  • 1st Sale is how you get activated, so you pass it up.
  • 2nd Sale is 40% but…you have to share 1/2 of that with your sponsor.
  • 3rd Sale is 40% but…you have to share 1/2 of that with your sponsor.
  • 4th Sale and all others are yours at 40% commissions except…
  • Every 5th sale you have to share with your sponsor.
  • You also get the same commissions as this from your members.


Become a FREE Ambassador Today!


Going Above and Beyond

As A Paid Member

You should at least buy the first package and here is why. NO PASSUP! That means you start earning your first sale. You still will share the first 2 with your up line but you get 20% commissions on your first 2 sales. After that you get the full 40% commissions. Awesome right?

Wait!!! Chris Record and TEC gets even better…

It gets even better. When you make $100K in affiliate sales, Chris Record will match you another $100K in cash. That is $200K in your pocket.

Matching Millions

When you make a million bucks in affiliate sales, Chris Record will match that as well, giving you a cool 2 million dollars in cash in your pocket. Come on now, if that doesn’t make you want to get in, I don’t know what will.


  • All in one place to learn everything about online marketing
  • Free training included
  • Taught by high income earners
  • Provides commissions even for free members


  • Monthly fee, but it is well worth it.
  • High ticket courses, but my goal is to work up to the full course. Cheaper than college and higher earning potential.

Thoughts On Chris Records’ TECademics

If you are wanting to know how to start an online business like an e-commerce, Shopify, or affiliate marketing, this will help you do just that. Chris Record is giving everyone the chance to start a business online with no money. It’s crazy, and really if you don’t take him up on this offer, you are too!:)

If you have a business but aren’t getting leads or sales, this will help you too. If you are in internet marketer and would like to take it to the next level, Tecademics can help you because of the huge earning potential. If you are already an internet marketing guru, then you should join and enter the matching millions. Get yourself that cool 2 millions bucks.

The free training alone has helped me get more Facebook exposure, grow my Instagram account and given me motivation to keep going. I’m even thinking about giving Shopify a shot. Just seems so simple. A newbie made 12, 000 dollars in sales his first month with Shopify. I think this is a great idea and Chris Record knows what he is talking about. The training is current and easy for anyone to follow. I plan on climbing the ranks and getting my way up to a degree in internet marketing following TECademics training.

To make money online today, you should be educating yourself and following the leaders footsteps to success. Not all are willing to share, and if they do, they will have you asking who, what…Not Chris Record. This guy shares all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. Please leave any comments or questions below and I will answer them for you. You owe it to yourself to click the link below and set you up a free account and get some of the free training inside.



Get A TECademics Free Ambassador Membership



About the Author Billy

Thank you for reading my post. I have dreamed about making money online for several years now.I have been through ups and downs and even got scammed out of money but I have found the best online training that is helping me grow my business.Please let me know if you have any questions about anything on my site. Let's network. Enjoy.

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